Used Pentax SMC-M 70-150mm f4 Zoom Lens



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Manufactured in Japan, the Pentax SMC Lenses are considered one of the best lenses ever produced, with the highly regarded SMC (Super Multi Coated) glass optics, and Japanese engineering.

This is why despite being a manual lens, digital users still use them today because of the superb image quality.

Suitable for all Pentax PK mount film Cameras (AF and Digital too, but on manual mode only).


Lens is in excellent cosmetic condition. Lens optics are clear, and free from fungus, marks, fluff etc.

Focusing and aperture are both very smooth

We are offering this product with a six months guarantee

What’s included?

Lens is supplied with

  • Front Cap
  • Rear cap

*although best efforts are made at all times, it is near impossible to get a lens 100% clinical clean, so the odd fine particle of dust could be found - but we can 100% assure you that it will not effect performance at all.

Type Wide
Aperture f2.8
Filter Diameter 49mm

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Used Pentax SMC-M 70-150mm f4 Zoom Lens

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