Used Olympus Trip 35 (Black Button)


All used equipment are sent to our repair team for a full test and refurbishment program. Only products that pass our high standards are made for-sale through our store.

Once refurbished, the equipment is sold in full working order, cleaned throughout 

For peace of mind, we offer a six months guarantee

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The Olympus Trip 35 is a 35mm "compact" camera. It is one of the longest production cameras in History. Over 10 million units were made from 1967-1984 in Japan.

The Trip 35 inexpensive simplicity, yet solid construction made the Trip 35 popular amongst the "point and shoot" users, however more advanced photographers and photography students are also fans of the Trip. The most notable user of the Trip 35 is the famous photographer David Bailey who featured in TV commercial during the 80s

The all metal construction means that it is tough and hardwearing - and is completely mechanical. No battery is required. The camera boast a Olympus Zuiko 40mm f2.8 (4-element) Coated lens. Solar powered selenium meter and two shutter speeds (1/40th and 1/200th) - basically a program shutter via the A mode. ISO is from 25-400

The Trip uses 35mm film - both colour or black/white.

Today, the Olympus Trip 35 is recognised throughout the world as the street/urban photographer chosen camera, Street/urban photography is a type of documentary photography that features subjects in candid situations within public places such as streets, parks and other settings. 

All of our Olympus Trip 35 has been fully reconditioned to manufacture standards. This includes servicing of the shutter, replacing the light seals, and cleaning of the lens optics (if required). We are selling the cameras in full working order. For peace of mind, we do offer a six months guarantee with the product - although once we service them, they generally last for many years.


The overall condition is very good, showing normal sign of use. Chrome is generally nice and bright with no dents or scratches - there is one mark on the top plate - which more more of a bright mark on stain chrome . Black body rim is generally very good, with loss of paint.

Supplied with original strap and case (case shows the normal wear due to construction ie: leather coating on frabic) 

What's included

  • Camera
  • Case
  • Guarantee documentation/receipt

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Used Olympus Trip 35 (Black Button)

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