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The Nikon FE10 is one of the last film camera being produced

Manufactured by Cosina in Japan, the Nikon FE10 offers a full manual 35mm Camera (meaning you can select both shutter speed and aperture), and aperture priority (meaning you select aperture, camera will select shutter speed. 

Other features include a interchangeable Nikon mount lens. LED metering via 2x AG13 batteries. Shutter 1 to 1000 with B setting. Self timer timer. It is suitable for both colour and black/white photography.

The Nikon FE10 is a popular choice amongst photography students around the world

This unit has been fully checked and tested by our technicians, and is sold in full working order. We are selling this product with a six months guarantee (condition of item is stated as above)

The overall condition is generally very good, there is minor cosmetic blemishes to the rubber coated panel located on front side, and a little cosmetic blemish on body top plate - non of which are serious

Supplied with

  • Lens Cap
  • Strap
  • Set of batteries

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Used Nikon FE10 + Nikon 35-70mm Lens

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