Sinpaid Messenger Camera Shoulder Bag


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Sinpaid is one of the largest camera bag manufacture in Far-East. Althought their brand may not be well known in the UK, their products (bags) are extreamly well made and look quite good too.

The Sinpaid Messenger camera bag is designed to use with a number of Digital DSLR, 35mm and Medium format cameras and extras.

Our photos hopefully illustrate the size of the bag, it can easily accommodate about 2 cameras, 2-3 lenses lenses and accessories

The stylish material is both durable and strong allows you to carry your camera gear safely and discreetly. 

The bag features moveable (and removable) interior dividers to allow you to customise the bag to your camera gear and a number of external and internal pocket for those small extras. The bag can even be used as a casual bag when you remove the detachable partitions


  • Durable and soft inner material insert
  • External size: 35 x 24 x 25cm
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Ideal for any college/uni student or the more mature student
  • Five year replacement warranty
  • Contents not included - it helps illustrate the size of bag

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Sinpaid Messenger Camera Shoulder Bag

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