Ilford MGIV Gloss 5x7 (100 Sheets)


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Ilford Multigrade IV RC Delux is a general purpose, high quality black and white photographic paper, and is probably the most universal and popular paper.

The paper featuresa bright base tint, and the image colour remains cool to neutral whether viewed in daylight or fluorescent light

This is a Variable Contrast paper allowing for the use of multigrade filters, multigrade enlarging heads or colour heads to extensively vary the contrast from grades 0-5.

The paper has the stndad weight (190g/ms) resin coated base

Excellent all round paper, ideal for professional, enthusiast, starter and students

Gloss: Resin coated paper with high sheen, prints assume a slightly higher contrast

Manufacture Ilford
Size 5 x 7"
Pack 100 Sheets
Surface Glossy

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Ilford MGIV Gloss 5x7 (100 Sheets)

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