Hauer CY20 Universal Fit Flash Unit



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Compact size flash to use with any SLR with hot shoe mount. Head angle adjustable upwards to redirect the flash light to the ceiling (from 0 to 90 degree). Design with an internal slave light sensor and 2.5mm PC sync port

- Guide Number: 20 (ISO100,DIN21)
- Power Source: 1,5V
- Batteries: Needs 2 AA Batteries (not included)
- Angle of illumination: 40° x 60°
- Flash duration: 1/1000 sec
- Recycle time: 0.3 – 10sec
- Power Switch
- Ready Led
- Test Led
- Synch Socket
- Color temperature: 5600K (Daylight)
- Dimension: 65x60x98mm
- Weight: 100g

Suitable for almost all film cameras with a hot shoe - examples: Pentax K1000, KM, KX, MX, MES, ME, MV, MV1, Nikon FM, FM2, FM2n, FM3A, FM10, FE10, Olympus OM1, OM1n, OM2, OM2n, OM10, OM20, OM30, OM40, OM3, OM4, OM4TI, Centon K100, Centon K200, Phenix DC303K, DC303N, Vivitar V2000, V3000, V3800N, Canon A1, AE1, AE1P, T Series. Olympus Trip 35. Medium Format Cameras. Holga cameras. 

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Hauer CY20 Universal Fit Flash Unit

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