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If you are working in a darkroom - the chemical temperture plays a very important role, so maintaining a magic 20-degree while in a celler, shed, bathroom or outbuilding when it is cold or damp is not always possible.

The Darkroom Warming Heater Tray is ideal for developing dishes, tanks or bottles. Designed and manufactured in the UK by a specialised Laboratory manufacture, the darkroom version has been designed for the darkroom user

Features includes

  • Low wattage / economical
  • Electronic thermostat
  • Thermally insulated base
  • Safe for glass, plastic or metal containers or dishes
  • Easy to clean
  • Heater on/off
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • 230v 40w

The heating tray is fitted with an adjustable electronic thermostat which senses the surface temperature, therefore it will cut in and out from time to time switching the light on and off.

The range of adjustment is from approx 16-65 degree, but it must be remembered that this is the suface temperature of the tray and not the liquid in the vessel being heated. To achieve the desired temperature some experimentation will be needed, as the circumstances in which you are using the tray will have an effect on the performance (based on size of item such as dish or tank, water depth, and room/ambient temperture)

This a great product, superbly made - and more importantly, it does the job.

Size: 305x305mm

Contents such as dish/tank are not included

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Darkroom Warming Tray 305x305mm

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