Hauer LCD Dish Thermometer Probe


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Hauer LCD Dish Theromometer Probe

  • Flexible cord to fit almost all shape and size dishes, tanks and measuring jugs
  • Althought "straight thermometers" can do the job, the issue with dishes is they seldom stand on their own, and end up falling into the water or chemicals.
  • This flexible version can either be mounted onto the edge of dish (as shown) or placed down on work surfaces.
  • With the long flexible cord, the LED readout can be held or placed at any angle for easy reading (gone are the days of straining eyes in the darkroom!)
  • Large Readout
  • Reads from -15 to 100 degree (accurate within 0.5degree)
  • Uses two AG13 batteries (supplied) - although some are powered with just the one.
  • To attach directly to dishes - double-sided tape or blue-tac would be the best solution (not included) - and images shown are for example/illustrations only.
  • Dish is not included.

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Hauer LCD Dish Thermometer Probe

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