Pic: One of our three repair stations

Welcome to the Repair Team page

This is a small dedication to the work that our camera technicians do (just so they do not feel left out!)

Our team of camera technicians carefully test each and every used camera and lens that arrive - and in 95% of cases, either a full service is needed, or atleast some kind of repair.

As you can imagine, a camera is a instrument and at some point - 'something does go wrong', whether the shutter is dry, meter is out, cable is corroded, fungus in lens - or something as basic as the light seals have perished.

The gang (as it is known) usually go through the camera carefully and thoroughly, and refurbishes it back to the original manufacture standards (or as close to orignal as we can get). Any products that do not meet our standards are never sold, and usually kept for parts. We take pride in our work, and we offer a six months guarantee with most of our products (unless we state otherwise)

Our workshops are equipt with a host of tools, and testing equipment - we also hold a great range of spares too.

We thought we would share some images of cameras that are dismantled - just to show how much is contained in a top-housing or base plate of a camera

A couple of things thou!

Due to the nature of the item - we do need to inform customers that there is a possibilty that the viewing system on the camera (or lens optics) may contain some fine dust particle(s).

Althought great care (and time) is given to removing as much as possible, it is a near impossible task to remove each and every dust particle as the viewing system are not sealed units - and were never intended to be sealed

However, we do make every effort to clean the system as much as we can - and it is cleaner than when it first arrived!

Most of the time the fine dust is not really visible, and certainly will not effect the performance or image quality - and is part of the joys of film photography.

(please note, certain cameras such as the Pentax MES, Canon AE1, Pentax P30 - we are unable to remove the prism for cleaning, so these may contain a bit of fluff inbetween)

Second Note:

Please remember, these are used cameras - some of which are 40 years old. So although we describe the items as best possible (stating any serious defects such as dents or scratches), they will show some cosmetic scuffs and blemishes which are age related.  





Pentax K1000:


Pentax K1000: The front has been removed to gain access to the mirror box

Pentax K1000: Base removed to re-wire the meter to battery box - very common fault

Pentax ME Super:

Canon AE1: (as one of our technician said, despite dismantling Canon AE1 many times - it still scares him!)

Lens: This is what "fungus" looks like - generally caused by lens being stored in a damp condition

Lens: Oil on the blade - all the optics needs to be removed, and the iris carefully cleaned