Our company

Studentphotostore was established in 2011 - but our company roots actually stretched all the way back to 1995 as a Camera Repair Centre - which was how we originally started.

When we moved to our current premises in 1996 - the opportunity came that we could expand into retail, as well as carrying on with our Repairs

Over the years Photography has changed - from analogue film to the latest digital. Although we braced digital for a number of years, our heart has always remained with film

Throughout our 25+ Years of trading, we have built a good client base which have included the general public, professionals, Police Services, Hospitals - and many Schools, Colleges and Students. 

Towards the late 2000's we noticed an increase by College Departments throughout the UK asking us for good quality Film Cameras, and darkroom equipment - but there was such a lack of equipment around (as most stores were only stocking digital) that we decided to restart refurbishing Film Cameras again. Luckily we still kept all the original tooling and machinery from our Film Days!

The rest you can say is history 

Over 15,000 Reviews and Counting...

Buying online can be a bit tricky at times. Although the majority of retailers offer a great service, you cannot help but think "who are they?" - "how good are their products" - "what happens if I have to return something". This is why we have spent years working with our customers to build a good reputation.

To date (28/02/19) - we have over 15,000 positive reviews from our eBay Platform from customers all over the World. With many repeat customers.

It would be wrong for us to say that we get everything 100% perfect - but whenever an issue arises - we do our best to resolve. This has always been our promise