Brand New Nikon F55 with Nikon AF 50mm f1.8 D Lens

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Responsive, nimble and lightweight, is best way to descibe the Nikon F55, which was launched by Nikon as one their last 35mm cameras.

The F55 has the best of everything: a auto setting, which lets the camera do all the work, aperture priority, shutter priority, programme settings and full manual mode,

It has a built in flash, with additional flash shoe, and a very fast and resposive autofocus so you never miss a thing. The camera uses standard 35mm film - both colour or black/white

The F55 uses the interchangeable Nikon F lens - so almost all Nikon bayonet leneses will fit, regardless if they are autofocus or manual (note: some features will be lost on manual lenses)


AutoAUTO mode:-Vari-Program: The auto setting is a great way to get you started, the camera will do most of the work, just point and shoot

Program Modes: Exposure modes are great for when you are performing dedicated shots, such as Portrait: Portrait, landscape.gif Landscape, macro.gif: close-ups, sport.gif: Sports Continuous, night.gif: Night Portrait mode

S - Shutter Priority - This feature is when the user selects a shutter speed (manually) and the camera will select a lens aperture

A - Aperture Priority - Vise versa of the above - you select a lens aperture, camera will select a shutter speed

M - Manual. This allows you to take full control of the camera. You can select any shutter speed from 1/30th to 1/2000, ISO, EV levels, Aperture etc. Be as creative as you want

Dial Nikon F55.jpg


Viewfinder : Fixed eye-level pentaprism, built-in deportee adjustment (-1.5 to +0.8 DP) Eyepoint 17mm (at -1.0 DP)

Nikon F55 Viewfinder informationFocusing screen:B-type Clear Matte Screen V with focus brackets
Viewfinder frame coverage: Approx. 89%
Finder magnification
(with illuminator) : Approx. 0.71x - 0.75x with 50mm lens set to infinity
Viewfinder information:
Focus indications, focus area, shutter speed, aperture, electronic analogue exposure display/Exposure Compensation value display, Exposure Compensation, flash ready-light/flash recommended/full flash output Three sets of focus brackets (area)
Reflex mirror: Automatic, instant-retum type
Lens aperture: Instant-return. type
TTL phase detection, Nikon Multi-CAM 530 autofocus module with AF-Assist Illuminator (approx. 0.5m-3m)
Detection range: EV -1 to EV 19 (ISO 100, at normal temperature)
Lens servo:- AF
: Auto-Servo AF: camera automatically chooses Single Servo AF or Continuous Servo AF operation according to the subject status, i.e. stationary or moving. * Single Servo AF (focus is locked when the subject is in-focus) * Continuous Servo AF (camera continues to focus on a moving subject) Focus Tracking with Lock-On™ automatically activated by subjects status
M: Manual focus

Focus Area mode:-1. Dynamic AF Mode with Closest-Subject Priority 2. Dynamic AF Mode 3. Single Area with M focus mode
Metering system: TTL full-aperture exposure metering system. Three metering systems selectable (limitations with lens used) * 3D five-segment Matrix Metering: with G- or D-type AF Nikkor * Five-segment Matrix Metering: with AF Nikkor other than G- or D-type (except AF Nikkor for F3AF and IX-Nikkor), AI-P Nikkor * Centre Partial Metering: automatically selected with Manual exposure mode
Metering range:
3D Matrix Metering: EV 1-20 Centre Partial Metering: EV 1-20 (at normal temperature, ISO 100, f/1.4 lens)
Exposure meter: coupling CPU
Exposure compensation:
Exposure compensated in ±2 EV range, in 1/2 steps (except in M, Auto or Programmed Flash)
Auto Exposure Bracketing :
Bracketing range: ±2 EV; number of shots: three; bracketing steps: 0.5, 1, 1.5 or 2 EV (except in Auto or Vari-Program)
Film speed setting:
• Automatically set to ISO film speed of DX-coded film in use (manual not selectable)
Film speed range: DX: ISO 25-5000, automatically set to ISO 100 with non-DX-coded film

Shutter:- Electronically controlled vertical-travel focal-plane shutter
Shutter speeds:
• In Auto, Portrait, landscape.gif, macro.gif, sport.gif, night.gif, P, A: Automatically set between 30 and 1/2000 sec.
• In S: 30 to 1/2000 sec. (in 1/2 steps)
• In M: 30 to 1/2000 sec. (in 1/2 steps), Time

Sync contact:
X-contact only; flash synchronization up to 1/90 sec.
Built-in Speedlight:
In Auto, Vari-Program (except in landscape.gif or sport.gif,) Automatically activated. In P, S, A, M: activated by pressing flash lock-release button

Nomencluture Nikon F55.jpg

Nomencluture Nikon F55 rear.jpg

Guide number: 12 (at ISO 100, m); flash coverage: 28mm or longer
Flash control
Controlled by TTL Sensor * Matrix Balanced Fill-Flash: built-in Speedlight and CPU Nikkor lens (except in Manual exposure mode) * Standard TTL: in Manual exposure mode * Programmed Flash (Non-TTL Auto Flash): optional Speedlight and CPU Nikkor lens (except in A or M exposure mode) * Film speed range in TTL auto flash: ISO 25 to 800
Flash Sync Mode :Front-Curtain Sync (normal sync), Slow Sync, Red-Eye Reduction, Red-Eye Reduction with Slow Sync, Flash Cancel
* Flash fully charged: ready-light lights * Full output warning: ready-light blinks
Flash recommended indication:- Blinks when the subject is dark or backlit and Speedlight is recommended in P, S, A and M
Accessory shoe:
Standard ISO-type hot-shoe contact (sync contact, ready-light contact, GND), safety lock provided
Electronically controlled; timer duration: 10 sec.
Film loading:
Easy loading, automatic prewind with built-in motor; film automatically advances to first frame (frame of the maximum number of available exposure) when camera back is closed
Film advance :
Automatic advance with built-in motor. Continuous shooting possible insport.gif Sports Continuous mode Film advance speed: approx. 1.5 fps (fresh batteries)
Film rewind:
Automatic rewind with built-in motor. Mid-roll rewind available

F55 Top LCD panel.jpg

LCD panel information (illumination built-in): Shutter speed, aperture, Exposure Compensation, Exposure
Compensation value, Auto Exposure Bracketing, Multiple Exposure, flash sync mode, focus area, battery power, frame counter, self-timer

Multiple exposure:
Selectable in P, S, A, M
Date/time imprint function (QD model only):
Built-in clock: 24-hour type with timing accuracy within ±90 seconds a month; leap year adjustment until December 31, 2049. Usable film: ISO 32 to 3200 DX-coded film Display mode: Year/Month/Day, Day/Hour/Minute, No Imprint, Month/Day/Year and Day/Month/Year Power source: one 3V CR2025 lithium battery, battery life; approx. three years (depending upon use of data imprint function and other operating conditions)
Camera back:
Hinged back with film confirmation window 


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Wonderful new film camera with new lens, and little extras. Fast delivery.

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Brand New Nikon F55 with Nikon AF 50mm f1.8 D Lens

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