5 Pack A2 (5mm) White Foam Board (420x594mm)


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White 5mm Foam Board, also known as Kapa board or Foamcore board is made from lightweight extruded polystyrene foam with card and paper liners. An ideal product for presentations, short term indoor displays and modelling. A1 5mm Foam Board is by far the most popular size of board and comes in a box of 10 sheets.

Foam board is Robust, strong, CFC free, rigid but amazingly light in weight. Ideal for modelling, picture backing and mounting images. This type of Board is Not suitable for outdoor purposes as it is paper based and will not stand up to the elements

Tips for using Foam Board

Foam board can be cut using a good sharp Blade (either Swann Morton or Stanley Knife) This is very important as using a blunt blade will not cut the board well and will leave a feathered edge. When using for modelling you may find the Foamwerks Cutting products very useful, as these have a cutting ruler and various cutters for different types of finishes and applications.

The best Glue we would recommend for model making is the Foam 2 Foam glue as this will not melt the structure of the foam board and set very quickly. A good tip is to glue the edges and use pins to secure these while it dries.

Try and store boxes/sheets of foam board flat to ensure that it doesn't bow and also keep it in an area that doesn't fluctuate in temperature as this can also make boards lose their shape.

A2 594mm x 420mm

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5 Pack A2 (5mm) White Foam Board (420x594mm)

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